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Are you searching type of Data entry job??? No problem we are here, We are provided Home Base Form Filling Job,.

Online Form Filling Jobs is the way to reduce office load and sped up on customer/client work process. Almost 1 billion form needs to fill each day on all over the world. The worlds are now ready to build for digitalization. Most of the office works are now ready to be outsourced through the internet. In India, 13 Lakh Company and some of the government agency now outsourcing their form filling works through the internet. How to do form filling jobs?

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Jobs Instruction:

Please note that form filling jobs does not come with a particular form and data. As per company data processing, the form and data for form processing may be different. It’s like a different company has the different form to process. Some of from are 3-6 files and some of from maybe 10 – 35 files. So the payment will depend on the volume of data conversation.

Now let’s talk about form processing…


It’s quite very simple, only you have to login into Daffodil Bigdata Management member area and click on dashboard. There will be blank form and data option. Just open a blank form and copy data into that form after completing data pasting you can make a quick review whether fields are missing or not.

If you missed anything then process to correction and submit to Daffodil Bigdata Management Service. After submitting it takes 1 or 2 days to validation of works. Daffodil Bigdata Management team check your works and approved your total form as per your work accuracy and quality.You can check Current payable amount and bit rates on a form given by Third Party Company. Daffodil Bigdata Management offers you 70% amount of total gross payment that you have works. For an example if you are completing 25 form in a day and the third party company offer Rs- 15/- on performing they your payment will be 25 X Rs-15 = Rs- 375.00 of 70%, That means Rs- 281.25